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Discover how you can create delicious recipes with our mouth-watering spirits from the Southern Highlands
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Gin Sour

Our Story

The team at Renegade Spirits take a lot of pride in how our delicious selection of Gins and Vodka are consumed. With that in mind, we have a step-by-step process of how to construct our suggested creations below.

Firstly – pour the spirit into a clean glass…you will sense the brilliance.

Secondly – smell the aromatic brilliance, taste the tongue-tingling brilliance and see the eye-watering brilliance in a glass.

Thirdly – add enough ice to cool the liquid brilliance.

Fourth – garnish to suit.

Finally – enjoy the brilliance at your own pace!

We dare you to try our creations of genius.

Strawberry Gum and Blood Lime - G&T

30 ml of Strawberry Gum and Blood Lime
Naked Life Botanical Tonic
Garnish: Eucalyptus leaf, strawberries or fresh lime
Renegade Spirits

Australian Plum Gin - G&T

60ml of Australian Plum Gin
Renegade Spirits

Signature Dry Gin - G&T

30 ml of Signature Dry Gin
Naked Life Tonic
Add a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary to garnish
Renegade Spirits

Regionally Sourced Botanicals

Quality ingredients. Real results.

Transparency and authenticity are driving our production purchase choices. Each product from our range of distilled spirits comes increasingly from local and regional farms. Our supply experts work with distributors and producers to ensure the ingredients we use meet sustainable sourcing standards.