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Our Story

At Renegade Spirits we pride ourselves on creating unique spirits of the highest quality that push boundaries and challenge the norm. Although we respect and pay homage to traditional methods, we are passionate about stepping outside the box, challenging expectations, and bringing ‘you’ along with us. We are a team of creative and assertive forward thinkers who are passionate about utilising regional produce and sustainable practices to create exceptional spirits. Our quality products are created through a combination of science, artistic flair, and finesse. Our artistic team sources premium ingredients from the best producers we can find. Our emphasis on utilising native ingredients and local produce adds an element of seasonality to our spirits. We dare you to try our creations of genius.

Dare To Try To Be Different To Taste Our Brilliance

Signature Dry Gin

Renegade Spirits Signature Gin is a thoughtfully crafted dry Gin distilled with native botanicals sourced from our Australian producers. Hand-crafted by our team in the heart of the Southern Highlands. Enjoy this beautifully balanced and complex Gin with tasting notes of Lemon Myrtle, Native Lavender, Tasmanian Pepper Berries, and Juniper. It’s a classic Gin but not as you know it.

Renegade Spirits
Renegade Spirits

Strawberry Gum and Blood Lime Gin

Australian Strawberry Gum and Blood Lime will summon your admiration as the fresh Strawberry Gum and rich Lime bouquet play amongst a host of premium native botanicals. With a soft pink hue, the flavour of strikingly bold red berries and bright, fresh citrus creates a delicate spirit that flirts with the line between balance and intensity.

Davidson Plum Slow Gin

Renegade Spirit’s Australian Plum Slow Gin derives its name from the beautiful and unique selection of Australian plums. Deriving its name from a host of beautiful and unique native plums, the Davidson plum contributes a sharp, tart acidity. At the same time, the Illawarra plum imparts a stunning colour and bright aroma. The Kakadu plum brings the two together with its unique sweetness. This distinctive Australian Gin will excite the palate and the eyes.

Renegade Spirits
Renegade Spirits Signature Organic Vodka

Signature Vodka

Renegade’s Signature Organic Vodka has been crafted with Certified Organic grain sourced from the Riverina, NSW. Our Vodka is distilled 19 times on the way to the bottle and is breathtakingly pure. This spirit reflects our belief that Vodka, like ourselves, should meet the highest quality standards while always maintaining our character and values.